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Our Primary School offers a safe and stimulating environment, where our adapted and modified curriculum focuses on meeting the needs and wants of the modern child. It is our intention to encourage our girls and boys to think about the world and the work they will do in it, the importance of making a difference, and to always relate to each other with empathy and kindness.

Guided by our Catholic ethos, we hope to develop a lifelong desire to learn and explore in our students by offering exciting lessons, challenging projects and different learning experiences. Our highly-qualified teachers, who have exceptional subject knowledge, are given the freedom to teach creatively and be innovative within the structure of the formal curriculum.



“A quality education which focuses on the mind, spirit and body is your passport to the future; for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”

Mr Tony Williams

Primary School Principal

“The Primary School academic offering is well outlined and sets the foundation for the years ahead. It is balanced and allows children to grasp and practice before introducing the next topic.”

Mrs Chetty, parent

Nurturing young minds to thrive in an ever-changing world.

FUNdamentals is a non-assessment based subject which allows students in Grade 4 to 7 to move through modules of areas ‘fundamental’ to their holistic education. Examples include modules such as coding, photography, robotics, public speaking and various art related skills.

This subject is entirely staff designed and driven and offers a creative, exciting and informative curriculum.


Co-curricular activities foster commitment, confidence and create a sense of belonging to the school community. Students are encouraged to participate in at least one extra-curricular activity per term.


Our Religious Education Programme is designed to suit the needs of our students, as part of the secular-society in which we all live.

Spiritual education is provided via the formal curriculum, as set out by the Catholic Schools Office and the Catholic Institute of Education. Students take part in daily Bible readings and prayers, monthly school masses and have the opportunity for termly confession with our school chaplain. As a grade, students take part in a Retreat Day, the content of this day draws on our religious education curriculum.

We mark important feasts in our school year by the celebration of mass and following tradition.

Preparation for the sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Eucharist and Confirmation is offered to Catholic students in accordance with diocesan policy.

Marist Brothers Linmeyer provides students with a sound spiritual foundation on which to base their daily lives.

“My son is in Grade 4. Through charity work, he has learnt to help others, make a difference and create positive changes in the world. Supporting charities gives students a sense of responsibility and reinforces values and morals beliefs.”

Mrs Kabamba, parent


Marist Brothers Linmeyer believes that community service, in the form of outreach, is an essential part of the development of the child. By increasing awareness of those less fortunate than ourselves, our students will come to the realisation that even a small donation, be it material, monetary, time or in kind, goes a long way in easing someone else’s hardships.

An outreach programme is actively encouraged with all classes in our school “looking after” a charity of their choice. These include homes for abandoned babies, children, senior citizens and other groups who support the underprivileged in some way.

Several other drives are also supported throughout the year like grocery and pet food donations, can pull-rings and “bread buddies”. An annual monetary donation is also made to Hospice; other charities are supported by funds raised from students for “Civvies” days.

Two Grade 7 students are chosen every year to represent the school at the Johannesburg Mini-City Council. This is an extension of our outreach programme.

Our outreach programme ensures that each girl and boy has an opportunity to contribute to the community at large.

“Marist Brothers Linmeyer helps and supports various organisations, eg. Nazareth House and abandoned babies. I have learnt that the little things you do in life can make a big difference to someone else. Our family is committed to giving of our time and helping with fundraising projects. Together, with Marist Brothers Linmeyer, we can make a difference!”

Mrs Naidoo, parent



Innovative and advanced IT education

Specialised coaches for sports

All Primary School excursions are included

Grade 4 to 7 camps

Our school Medical and Safety Officer is a qualified paramedic

Academic support and enrichment is provided for all subjects

Remedial, speech and occupational therapists work with Grade 4 students during school time


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School Landline: 011 435 1100


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