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Welcome to the Primary School

Welcome to Marist Brothers Linmeyer – a safe, vibrant and happy learning community. Rooted firmly in the Catholic tradition, we offer a curriculum that gradually and intentionally shapes the critical years between Foundation Phase and Intersen Phase.

Talented and dedicated staff draw on global best practices in order to deliver an educational experience that is relevant, contextual and informed. 

Through our inquiry-based curriculum, students develop academic skills that allow them to ask important, probing questions and apply their learning abilities to develop and improve their mastery of skills.

Our founding values of Humility, Simplicity and Modesty are the cornerstones for encouraging resilient, life-long, self-directed students, who are able to work collaboratively in striving to live an authentic life of significance.

We believe that we encourage and prepare students to live with self-assurance, a reverence for life and a sense of service. It is our hope that as each student graduates to High School they have developed unique strengths, a love of learning, and will leave with many happy Primary School memories and experiences.

Tony Williams

Primary School Principal

Our Curriculum

As an independent school, Marist Brothers Linmeyer provides an inspiring, engaging and challenging educational experience. We consciously strive towards applying and sustaining global standards.

We continue building each student’s curiosity, empathy, intelligence, creativity, and well-being..


Our Religious Education Programme is designed to suit the needs of our students, as part of the secular-society in which we all live.

Spiritual education is provided via the formal curriculum, as set out by the Catholic Schools Office and the Catholic Institute of Education. Students take part in daily Bible readings and prayers, monthly school masses and have the opportunity for termly confession with our school Chaplain. As a grade, students take part in a Retreat Day, the content of this day draws on our religious education curriculum.

We mark important feasts in our school year by the celebration of mass and following tradition.

Preparation for the sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Eucharist and Confirmation is offered to Catholic students in accordance with diocesan policy.

Marist Brothers Linmeyer provides students with a sound spiritual foundation on which to base their daily lives.


The Primary School engages in interactive teaching tools such as Apple TV’s and iPads to provide technology enriched lessons. Platform based skills are taught using Google Suite and Knowledge Network.

The use of technology, both information and design, are integrated into many aspects of our curriculum, to develop skills which will grow students into responsible and skilled digital citizens. Technology is used as an integrated tool that enhances the lesson in the classroom.

Marist Brothers Linmeyer believes that community service, in the form of outreach, is an essential part of the development of the child. By increasing awareness of those less fortunate than ourselves, our students will come to the realisation that even a small donation, be it material, monetary, time or in kind, goes a long way in easing someone else’s hardships.

An outreach programme is actively encouraged with all classes in our school “looking after” a charity of their choice. These include homes for abandoned babies, children, senior citizens and other groups who support the underprivileged in some way.

Several other drives are also supported throughout the year like grocery and pet food donations, can pull-rings and “bread buddies”. An annual monetary donation is also made to Hospice; other charities are supported by funds raised from students for “Civvies” days.

Two Grade 7 students are chosen every year to represent the school at the Johannesburg Mini-City Council. This is an extension of our outreach programme.

Our outreach programme ensures that each girl and boy has an opportunity to contribute to the community at large.


Students receive weekly Occupational Therapy Speech and Language Therapy sessions from Grade PR to Grade 2.

An on-site learning support centre includes therapies and support e.g. Speech and Language, Occupational, Educational and Remedial. Therapists operate as private service providers, making accessibility to these valuable offerings more accessible and convenient for parents and students.

Perfect Stroke Swimming will take students for Swimming in the 1st and 3rd term during school time. They have qualified swimming instructors who are in the pool with a small group of children at a time. Our programme encourages water safety through an understanding of rules and assists students in becoming waterborne through a series of fun activities.

Our well-supervised aftercare is managed by highly qualified staff employed by Marist Brothers Linmeyer. Our aftercare starts at 13h30 and students are given an afternoon snack and juice.

Our spacious outdoor environment allows children the freedom to have fun while playing games with friends and having a game of hopscotch.

Focused homework supervision classes ensure that students receive academic support, enrichment and guidance.

The aftercare ends at 17h30 and all students need to be signed out by an adult.

Our holiday programme runs during the April and August holiday. At an additional fee, from 07h15 to 17h30, students have so much fun and are kept entertained with fun-filled outings and activities.

Teachers focus on the provision of supplementary teaching to students who require
additional help. Students receive academic assistance in groups or one-on-one,
either in the classroom or in a learning support area.

With students utilising all sorts of technology from home and school, we offer a comprehensive digital citizenship curriculum to ensure that our students use technology responsibly. Parents are also educated in monitoring and setting up their children’s devices to ensure digital safety at home.

Equipping students with skills for life, will allow them to be empowered to become confident and responsible global citizens who will make a difference.


FUNdamentals is a non-assessment-based subject which allows students in Grade 4 to 6 to move through modules of areas ‘fundamental’ to their holistic education. Examples include modules such as coding, photography, robotics, public speaking and various art related skills. This subject is entirely staff designed and offers an exciting creative curriculum.


Time management, electronic creation and submission of projects or tasks (these range from quizzes, movies, presentations etc.) are just some of the benefits of mobile devices.

Soft-skills in coding are taught during the computer lessons from Grade 3 – 7. These are incorporated into the extra – curricular curriculum with Coding and Robotics; where project-based learning takes place.

By building projects using Lego, Sphero’s and Arduino chips, students are taught algorithmic concepts using block coding on Scratch and Python. Basic electronics, using breadboards, sensors, resistors and led components are used together with CAD (designing), Micro bits and Arduino IDE in teaching the students basic electronic skills in robotics.

School Hours

Starting Time:

Finishing Times:

Academic Support & Enrichment:
13h30 – 14h15

Educational Support Centre

We have an excellent team of therapists with whom we work very closely. Should your child require any additional assistance, we will meet to discuss the concern with you. You are, however, free to use external therapists should you choose to do so. We do this in order to correct any problem sooner rather than later. The Pre-School years are a good time to deal with any difficulties before the formalities of Grade 1.

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