School Executive Committee

Our School Executive Committee is responsible for the driving and implementation of all strategic plans. Operational functions include, but are not limited to, educational, spiritual, mental, physical and cultural well-being of our community and all business related functions within our school.

This body is the leadership structure within Marist Brothers Linmeyer and is responsible for formulating plans and implementing strategies as determined by the Board of Governors. All decisions are taken and implemented with the sustainable well-being of the school in mind.

The School Executive Committee includes the Principals, School Business Executive, Deputy Principals and Marketing Manager.

Mr Tony Williams

Primary School Principal

Mrs Fiona Lawrence

School Business Executive

Mrs Lara-Ann Koch

High School Principal

Mr Hylton Powell

Primary School Deputy Principal

Mrs Tracy Edwards

Marketing Manager

Mrs Charlotte Bossert

High School Deputy Principal – Educational Product

Nthabiseng Malatsi

HR Coordinator

Board Of Governors

Marist Brothers Linmeyer is built on a foundation of a strong Board of Governors, made up of the Principals and School’s Business Executive, a representative from the Marist School’s Council and other representatives. Members are specifically appointed to the various Board portfolios as are determined and aligned to achieve the strategy for the school. Our permanent portfolios are Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Treasurer and Governance.

Our Board of Governors members are appointed for a period of three years and may be reappointed for an additional term. Their function is to guide the strategic planning of the school and to ensure compliance of policies, strategy and good governance. Our portfolio sub-committees meet on a regular basis and report back to the Board of Governors.

Mrs Ursula Botoulos


Mrs Mamoso May

Deputy Chairperson and Governance

Mrs Tish Pritchard

Marist Schools Council

Dr Mark Bussin

Director of the Marist Schools

Mr Tony Williams

Primary School Principal

Mrs Fiona Lawrence

School Business Executive

Mr Lyle Robson

Diversity and Transformation

Mr Dario Neto


Mrs Reena Magan

Board Member

Mr Darryl Poonan

Board Member