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These paid extras take place at the end of each School day
Sport teaches students to work as a team, improves social skills and boosts self-confidence. It also reduces stress, enhances mood and builds healthy bodies and minds.

Please Note
The Pre-School extra murals are “paid” extra murals and do not form part of the School curriculum. All Pre-School extra-curricular activities take place on the School property.

Pamphlets are available from the Pre-School Reception.

Gerald Downing

Speciality: Guitar / Bass Guitar lessons
Syllabus: Recreational and syllabus based
Practice Days: Monday to Friday
Times: 13h30 – 17h30
Fees/Rates: R160 per 30-minute session
Individual/Group: Individual and Group

Phone: 078 249 0950
Email: amajigga@gmail.com

Graca Texeira

Speciality: Most recognised drum beats
Practice Days: Monday – Friday
Times: 13h30 – 17h30
Fees/Rates: To be discussed (based on R655/month)
Individual/Group: Individual

Phone: 083 704 0974
Email: gtex3366@gmail.com

Kabelo Mokgethi

Speciality: Piano/Keyboard lessons
Practice Days: Tuesdays and Fridays
Times: 13h00 – 18h00
Fees/Rates: R180 per 30-minute lesson
Individual lessons

Phone: 062 369 9679
Email: kabelomokgethi30@gmail.com

Tiana De Olivera

Speciality: Piano / Keyboard / Drums (Rock school syllabus)
Syllabus: Rock school Piano / Keyboard and Drums
Practice Days: Monday – Thursday
Times: 14h15 – 16h15
Fees /Rates: Drums R130, Piano and keyboard R130
Individual / group: Individual and Pair

Email: tianadeoliveira76@gmail.com

Lwazi Mkula

Speciality: Violin and Viola lessons
Practice Days: Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays
Times: To Be Confirmed (TBC)
Fees/Rates: R150 per 30 – minute lesson
Individual/Group: Individual lessons

Phone: 072 409 8308
Email: lwazim76@gmail.com

Lydia Pires

Speciality: Keyboard and Piano
Practice Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Times: 13h00 – 17h00
Fees/Rates: Fees vary depending on age and music grade
Individual/Group: Individual

Phone: 072 611 2531
Email: casapires172@gmail.com