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Welcome to the High School

Marist Brothers Linmeyer believes in supporting students from the very first day they step into the High School. Each year, we welcome new students into Grade 8 with a Ringing-in Ceremony that marks their acceptance into the High School Marist Family. We foster student growth through the Marist Ethos, focusing on the five characteristics of Family Spirit, Love of Work, In the Way of Mary, Presence and Simplicity. Five years later, we proudly bid them farewell as they graduate. Their Valediction Mass and Academic Awards Ceremony culminate with a Ringing-out Ceremony.

We understand that each child has strengths and faces challenges. It is our goal to develop and nurture the strengths, while working to mitigate the challenges. We offer a wide range of subject and have adopted a flexible approach to timetabling. This allows all students the opportunity to study their first choice of subjects. An Academic Support and Enrichment programme caters for all students, whether they are struggling in a subject or aiming to achieve even better. A balanced curriculum with a strong focus on employability and leadership, alongside life balance, encourages the development of critical thinking skills, creativity and self-awareness.

Marist Brothers Linmeyer is committed to building a solid academic, social and emotional foundation with our students’ futures in mind. Our dedicated staff coordinates meaningful outreach programmes that allow our students to gain confidence and maturity through service. The competitive and enriching sporting and cultural extra-curricular offering provides our students with opportunities to experience the joy of team work, to build resilience through learning from failure, to celebrate success with humility and modesty and to understand the value of true friendship and sportsmanship.

Mrs Lara-Ann Koch

Principal High School

Our Curriculum

We prepare students for their internationally recognised Senior Certificate Examination through the Independent Examination Board (IEB). Our school has consistently attained excellent results. Most students achieve university entrance and go on to excel in their chosen careers. Our curriculum intentionally shapes ambitious, empathetic, self-directed young scholars and citizens. By the time they graduate, it is our hope that every student leaves our school inspired, encouraged and ready to achieve their full potential.

We lay down the academic, social, and emotional foundation for our students’ future.


Our Religious Education programme is designed to suit the needs of our students. We uphold the Christian teachings of the Gospel within a Catholic Marist tradition of: Humility, Simplicity and Modesty.

Spiritual education is provided via the formal curriculum as set out by the Catholic Schools Office and the Catholic Institute of Education.

Students take part in daily Bible readings and morning prayers, the daily Angelus or Regina Coeli, monthly school Masses and have the opportunity for termly confession with our school chaplain. Various feast days and liturgical events (Ash Wednesday, Champagnat Day, Name Day, etc.) are also celebrated.

Preparation for the sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Eucharist and Confirmation is offered to Catholic students in accordance with diocesan policy.

All faiths and denominations are welcomed and valued at our school. We nurture values that are accepted by people of faith and moral fibre.

Marist Brothers Linmeyer provides students with a sound spiritual foundation on which to base their daily lives.

The Computer Applications Technology and Robotics curriculum introduced in Grade 8 taps into a variety of critical skills enabling student to ‘think ‘outside the box. The curriculum also introduces the students to the Grade 10 subject Computer Applications Technology (CAT) and Information Technology (IT)

Students are able to tailor their devices to suit their individual needs which allows them to manage time, improve note-taking skills and allows them to use various applications to present visual and other types of presentations.

CAT is offered to Grade 10 to 12 students. It equips them with knowledge, skills values and attitudes to create, design and communicate information in various formats. It teaches students to collect, analyse, edit data and to manipulate, process, present and communicate information to different sectors of society.

We also offer IT to the Grade 10 to 12 students. IT deals with four main topics; Systems Technologies, Internet and Communication Technologies, Social Implications and Data and Information Management solution development.

Our Grade 10 and 11 students are taught Digital Citizenship during their non-academic lesson and Grade 12 students are prepared for their National Benchmarking Tests (NBT).

We run various outreach initiatives throughout the year. These include the collection of pet food for animal shelters. Other charities include Civvies days and a Sprayathon. Marist Brothers Linmeyer also supports seasonal collections as well as Junior Council requests.

On Friday mornings, our Bread Buddies programme involves students making sandwiches in the Amphitheatre. These are delivered to Rosettenville Central Primary School and shared amongst the children.

Our Co-workers (an internal outreach programmme) visit old age homes, less-fortunate schools and homes for disabled adults and children. Collections for the St Vincent de Paul Society are also dropped off.

We organise a fun-filled Youth Day Carnival that includes a jam-packed assortment of activities, delicious eats and treats. In the past, we have invited the children from Lerato School, Christway and Bienvenu Shelter to enjoy the spoils.

We are always grateful for the difference our Marist families are making in the lives of those less fortunate.

E-Days offering Enriching and Exciting teaching opportunities. Whole sections of work are covered through cross-curricular teaching. This programme promotes additional thinking skills for students while providing Exciting new teaching opportunities.

Our life-skills programme, KEYS – which stands for Knowledge and Enrichment for Your Success – helps students make responsible decisions and teaches them the skills they need to adapt to and effectively deal with the demands of life.


School Hours

Starting Time:

Finishing Times:
13h30 – Wednesday
14h00 – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
14h00 – 15h00 Academic Support & Enrichment

Entrance Assessments – Grade 8 – 10 (2025)

The entrance assessments for students who have applied to enter Marist Brothers Linmeyer in 2025 will be held on Saturday, 16 March 2024. The assessments will cover English (Home Language) and Mathematics.

Please hand the application form (accompanied by a birth certificate, proof of residence, latest school report, copies of both parents/guardians’ IDs and proof of payment) in at the High School office. Parents/Guardians are reminded to register their children to write our entrance assessments.

Once the entrance assessments have been marked, parents/guardians will be notified of the results via email. Students who pass the entrance assessments will be contacted for an interview.

Successful interview candidates will be contacted telephonically. Unsuccessful candidates will be notified in writing via email. All parents/guardians are credit checked and any judgements or defaults may affect the outcome of the candidate’s acceptance. School fees not paid up-to-date or paid timeously at the current school may also hinder the process.

All candidates who have applied for entry to Marist Brothers Linmeyer will write the entrance assessments first and then, based on the results, the top candidates will be invited to write our Academic Scholarship Assessment. Marist Ambassador Scholarships are also available for 2025, please send through a comprehensive two-page curriculum vitae to dhudson@maristbl.co.za by Wednesday, 27 March 2024.


Marist Brothers Linmeyer High School is proud to offer four academic scholarships and four Marist Ambassador Scholarships to students of exceptional ability entering Grade 8. No scholarships are offered to students entering at any other grade, or to students who are currently enrolled in another grade at the school.

The Top fifteen external candidates from the entrance testing and the Top fifteen internal students, from Marist Brothers Linmeyer’s Primary School, will be invited to write the scholarship assessment. The scholarship assessment comprises three sections; English, Mathematics and General Knowledge. This year, the Scholarship Assessment will be written on Wednesday, 27 March 2024 from 14:00 to 16:00, in the High School. The top four candidates will receive a 25% scholarship for the duration of their schooling in the High School.

The recipients will be monitored annually and should continue to conform with the Marist Brothers Linmeyer’s standards of conduct, academic work, extra-curricular progress and level of commitment.


Four students will be awarded a Marist Ambassador Scholarship. These are awarded to students who follow the Marist Ethos with the five characteristics in mind: Family Spirit, Love of Work, In the Way of Mary, Presence and Simplicity. Students should have achieved a high level of performance in a minimum of one of the extra-curricular activities offered by Marist Brothers Linmeyer and should be A-team players in their Primary School. The students should exhibit a high standard of behaviour and sportsmanship at all times. The student should have a sound academic record, achieving a minimum aggregate of 60%.

Students may submit a CV and a complete an application form, to be considered for a Marist Ambassador Scholarship. These submissions are due by Wednesday, 27 March 2024 to Ms Hudson: dhudson@maristbl.co.za.

Scholarship applications are considered on an individual basis. Details of auditions, trials and interview dates, as well as all other arrangements, are discussed with the students individually. All applications will be considered by the Scholarship Committee and the decision of this committee is final.

Recipients of all eight scholarships will be announced before the end of Term 1 for the following year. The successful candidates usually have a week to agree to the terms and conditions and are also not expected to pay the entrance fee required for admission. Once the list has been finalised, feeder schools are then sent letters of congratulations.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Hudson on dhudson@maristbl.co.za. for more information.


Bursaries are available to broaden access to Marist Brothers Linmeyer by offering, to eligible parents of gifted Grade 7 students, some financial support with high school fees. (Grade 8 to Matric).

Bursary applications will only be considered if an application form has been completed. Students will need to undertake the assessments relevant to the grade they are applying for and complete the bursary enrolment process.

Parents who wish to apply for a bursary should email bursaries@maristbl.co.za . The deadline for applications is June 2024. Awards are confirmed with offer letters.