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Primary School Curriculum

As an independent school, Marist Brothers Linmeyer provides an inspiring, engaging and challenging educational experience. We consciously strive towards applying and sustaining global standards.

Underpinned by our Catholic faith and value system, we focus on developing resilient, resourceful problem-solvers, who enjoy giving of their best, understand the significance of service, and who are aware of the importance of caring for our environment.

Foundation Phase

The Foundation Phase lays down the building blocks for the educational foundation of children between the ages of four and nine (Grade PR to Grade 3).

Continuous assessment, parent meetings and reports keep our parents well informed of their children’s progress. We encourage students to develop confidence and to become more independent within their school environment and life.

Grade R-3 Subjects

We offer the following compulsory subjects:

    • English (Home Language)
    • Afrikaans (First Additional Language)
    • IsiZulu (First Additional Language)
    • Mathematics
    • Life Skills/General Studies

Religion classes, Music and Movement, IT and Physical Education are facilitated by specialists; ensuring that every aspect of the child’s intellectual, emotional and physical growth is covered.


This is a most exciting year as our students begin to apply all the knowledge they have learnt to different situations. Reading for enjoyment is a great achievement as they begin to decode and comprehend. The emphasis remains on creativity, sensory exploration and individual interpretation.

In Grade 2 students begin to master skills, developing greater independence and more responsibility. Participation in group work allows students to negotiate and share, learning and understanding the value of friendship and empathy.

Our Grade 3 students move beyond ‘learning-to-read’ and start ‘reading-to-learn’. Students learn to organise, structure and use their time appropriately. The foundation blocks that have been laid are now extended and built onto, preparing the students for their progression into the Intersen Phase.

Intersen Phase

The Intersen Phase develops more advanced skills in Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Natural and Social Sciences, Numeracy and Information Technology.

Students are introduced to a broad range of concepts. Positive attitudes around learning are promoted. In this phase there are three classes per grade and students are taught by specialist subject educators.

Grade 4-7 Subjects

We offer the following compulsory subjects:

    • English (Home Language)
    • Afrikaans or isiZulu (First Additional Language)
    • Mathematics
    • Social Sciences – History and Geography
    • Natural Sciences and Technology
    • Life Orientation which includes Religion, Life Skills, Physical Education and Creative Arts.
    • Technology and Economic Management Sciences (Grade 7)
Before moving to the Intermediate Phase, at the end of Grade 3 parents and students are introduced to the new model of learning and choose their First Additional Language. Children in this grade begin to enjoy collaboration and love to memorise facts, they have desire for new knowledge and have a wonderful sense of adventure and exploration.

Grade 4’s start applying important values, skills and knowledge within-subject areas. Study skills and assessment techniques are put in place to support learning, and lessen students’ anxiety with regards to newly introduced formal assessments which form part of the continuous school based assessment. This is the year that novels are introduced and form part of a love of reading and an avenue to discuss pertinent socio-cultural topics.

Independence is key, as Grade 5’s start to manage their belongings, organise their day, and take responsibility for their tasks and classwork. This age group matures hugely; finding a place in society with their passion of new ideas and opinions and are beginning to build stronger peer relationships.

Help and support are always available from teachers as they navigate their way forward, some beginning their journey into adolescence.

Exciting new opportunities encourage our students to grow in confidence, independence and responsibility. There is a focus on blended learning, students use a variety of modes to enhance their exploration, and develop their ability to use technology safely. This is the age where children develop a positive image and develop service and leadership qualities becoming more responsible students.

Academic standards increase exponentially as they move into the Senior Phase and new subjects are introduced. Grade 7s get the chance to demonstrate their leadership skills in a number of ways. At this grade we expect dedication and commitment from this age group, as they navigate the added pressures of this phase. At the end of Grade 7, students are prepared well emotionally, physically and intellectually to start the next chapter in their young lives, High School!