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ADD Newsletter – May / Jun 2016


ADD / ADHD and Birthday Parties

The TV crew was waiting with their cameras ready to roll. Twenty children at a birthday party; most of them medically diagnosed as hyperactive, promised to be an exciting afternoon’s filming. The crew had already taken footage of the table groaning under the weight of cakes, biscuits, sweets and cool drinks and now, all they wanted were the children!

Party disasters
Many mothers hate sending children to birthday parties because they just cannot cope with their behaviour during the party and afterwards. Not only is there the party excitement, but all that food! Or maybe we should say all that stuff resembling food!!!
If invited, children with ADHD go to the birthday well warned and determined to be on their best behaviour… but that’s not so easy especially when they’re invited to help themselves to the with sweets, jellies, brightly coloured cordial drinks, fizzy drinks, biscuits, cakes and crisps. As the children fills up on additive laden food, mums see the dramatic loss of self-control as their children go into a state of increased impulsiveness, aggressiveness and becoming less able to cope. The child becomes more rude and impudent, and everyone wonders why the mother doesn’t discipline or teach the child some manners.

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