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Marist Volunteers

Marist volunteers are Brothers or Lay Marists who freely and voluntarily offer their presence and their service in one of the eighty countries where Marists carry out their mission.

What are Marist Brothers?

The Marist Brothers are men consecrated to God, who follow Jesus in the style of Mary, in community, and are especially dedicated to the education of children and young people, with more affection for those who need it most. They are people who embrace religious life with a public commitment acquired through vows to practice the evangelical advice of chastity, poverty and obedience, according to the provisions of the followers of Saint Marcellin Champagnat.

What are Lay Marists?

We are Christian men and women, who in the course of our life have listened to the call of God to live the charism of Champagnat, and, from our lay state, we respond to a personal call to a specific way of being disciples of Jesus.

They can be sent and received on mission under different headings:

  1. As a missionary Brother: A Religious sent by his superiors to be present in a country or mission.
  2. As a lay missionary: a lay person sent to a country or mission.
  3. As a volunteer: a lay person or Marist Brother who is sent for a certain period of time and with a specific mission.
  4. As a person who performs a period of residency or an internship in a Marist community contributing to the mission.

To be an interprovincial Marist volunteer the following is required:

  1. Minimum age of 18 years
  2. Availability of time for three or, preferably, more months of volunteering
  3. A Marist connection
  4. Follow the guidelines laid down by the Coordinator of Province Volunteering (CPV).

If you are interested in becoming a Marist Volunteer, please contact Brother John on  john.bwanali@marist.org.za for more details