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Marist Universities: CUCC Spain

CUCC is a private institution and students pay two types of fees:

  1. An annual official enrolment fee
  2. A monthly private fee. Students coming from the International Marist Network of Higher Education Institutions are entitled a 20% discount on this fee.

For an accurate description of the CEFR levels, consult the Council of Europe web page: https://www.coe.int/en/web/common-european-framework-reference-languages/cefr-descriptors

Several courses fully taught in English in the following Degrees:

  1. Infant Teacher Training (Bilingual Education)
  2. Primary Teacher Training (Bilingual Education).

In the Degree in Psychology, an English-Friendly subjects programme is offered. These students are provided with class notes, practical activities, tutorials, and exams in English although classes are in Spanish. This way, they learn Spanish at the same time as they use English as their main language of instruction.