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Success is achieved at the Eisteddfod festival

Lyle Robson achieves 1st place out of 22000 entries

Marist Brothers Linmeyer took part in The Alberton Eisteddfod which ran from July to early September with the Honours Evening and Gala Evening taking place on 8 September 2016 and 13 September 2016 respectively. At the Honours Evening, the various Items winners are announced (this is the person who has achieved the highest mark for their item, but their mark must be above 90%).

At the Gala Evening, the Section winners were announced. To be considered a section winner, a candidate must enter 4 or more items and the candidate with the highest average from their top 4 items, is then considered the Section winner. This year there were more than 22 000 entries and only 22 candidates were crowned Section winners. The Section winners were ranked 1st – 3rd place, with 1st place receiving a Floating trophy, prize money, a certificate and a medal.
This year, Marist Brothers Linmeyer High School had over 18 students participating throughout the Eisteddfod festival. The results were as follows:

Mikayla Waller (Grade 10)                   Item Winner: Vocal Backtracks
Caitlyn Leigh Thomas (Grade 9)         Item Winner: Dance
Lyle Robson (Grade 11)                      Item Winner: Jazz (piano)

Section Winner: Instrumental Section winner 1st Place (Out of all candidates who performed on instruments.)
Kelly Slater (Grade 11)                       Item Winner: English Essay
Nathan Brand (Grade 8)                     Item Winner: Vocal
Tristen Paul (Grade 11)                      Item Winner: English Prose
Item Winner: English Prescribed Poetry

Well done and congratulations to all our participants, you certainly made Marist Brothers Linmeyer proud!


(Front row left to right): Kelly Slater, Lyle Robson, Tristen Paul
(Back row left to right): Caitlyn Leigh Thomas, Mikayla Waller, Nathan Brand