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Mrs Samantha Damasio

Mrs Damasio obtained a National Diploma Information Technology from UNISA. She has 21 years of teaching experience and she joined Marist Brothers Linmeyer in January of 2016. She is currently teaching Grades 8 and 9 an Introduction to CAT, Grades 10 CAT Theory  and Grade 10 and 11 Digital Citizenship and Computer Literacy, although she also has had experience teaching Information Technology, Computer Programming and CAT in the past. She promotes independence in her students’ learning and aims to show them that there are many other ways of learning, not just an educator standing in front of a classroom. With technology, she believes that there is no excuse that something is not understood, since, someone, somewhere in the world will be able to break down that barrier.

Mrs Damasio enjoys being outdoors, whether it be Walking, Hiking, Running or Mountain Biking. Her favourite quote is by Ken Robinson, “Human communities depend upon a diversity of talent not a singular conception of ability”. Mrs Damasio is inspired by the challenge to change the sceptic’s point of view towards Technology in Education. A fact that not many people may know about Mrs Damasio is that she can be just as fearful of technology and that keeping on top of all the developments is a challenge.

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