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School Fees Explained

Download School Fees 2019 as a PDF document – click here


Dear Marist Brothers Linmeyer Parents/Guardians, 

We, as parents, want the best for our children and therefore strive to give the best of what we can afford. In this case, we are giving them a sound, Independent education. This comes in two forms, you have the Independent for-profit schools, such as your corporate school groups and then you have Independent non-profit schools. Many people believe that an Independent school is automatically a for-profit school. Marist Brothers Linmeyer is a non-profit Independent school and this means that all the money collected from school fees and other costs goes directly into the running of the school, not to shareholders or owners. All Marist Brothers Schools in South Africa are registered as N.P.O’s (Non Profit Organisations). 

But what does this all mean? Where are your fees going? 

When you are accepted into Marist Brothers Linmeyer, you pay an enrolment fee. This goes into our budget to be utilised towards our capital expenses. What are capital expenses? Capital expenses are our assets; classroom and office furniture, computers, computer infrastructure, iPad labs and building projects. Our asset spend, however, is also supplemented by our school fees, because the enrolment fee is not sufficient to cover all of our capital costs. 

The single biggest expense in a school environment is the staffing costs. We want quality staff and we believe in treating our staff like the assets that they are. As a parent you want the best educators teaching your child/ren and that is what we offer at Marist Brothers Linmeyer. 

Educational costs include resources used in the classrooms, on the sports’ fields and in the cultural environment. In our School we offer: 

  • A Learn-to-Swim programme for the Pre-School at no additional charge. 
  • Stationery for Grade PR(00) to Grade 1. 
  • A Grade 1 readiness test conducted in Grade R(0). 
  • Vision and Hearing screening, in relevant grades, from 2020. 
  • A speech therapist that works in the classrooms with the children from Grades PR – 2. 
  • An occupational therapist who works with the children in the Pre-School once a week. 
  • Computer education that starts in the Pre-school and continues throughout the students’ schooling until Grade 12. 
  • All outings are included, except if they are subject-specific.
  • Grades 4 to 12 Camps are included.
  • Academic Support and Enrichment is provided for all subjects in the Primary School and High School.
  • Specialised coaches for sports.
  • A school Psychologist is provided in the Pre-School, Primary School and High School.
  • A qualified paramedic acts as our School Medical Officer.

At Marist Brothers Linmeyer we are constantly maintaining our beautiful campus. Our buildings and sports’ fields are attended to daily, in order that we can obtain the maximum use out of our assets. 

Above all this, we are a Catholic (Christian), Independent, non-profit school and that means we run our School according to a Christian-based Ethos. We have Religious Studies lessons from Grade PR to Grade 12. We hold a Mass on the first Friday of each month, the Grade 3 students are given the opportunity to undertake their First Holy Communion and the Grade 11 students are given the opportunity to undertake their Confirmation. 

In addition to this we have a wonderful aftercare service that we offer to our parents. What happens at aftercare? We offer play-time, followed by a structured-homework hour, that runs after the extra-curricular activities have concluded; in order for all children to have the benefit of this time. What does this mean for you as a parent? This means that when you arrive home after a busy day at work, the only thing that you should need to do is have dinner as a family and some reading time, completed by your child, before tucking them into bed. 

Over the past couple of years, we have become well aware of the financial strains on our parents and have adjusted our school fees accordingly. When we look at a school fee schedule it can be very deceiving. There is always the straight school fees and then quite often the hidden levies in the small print. We have no additional levies. The extras that we do still charge for are subject-specific camp costs (mainly in the High School) and textbooks issued by the school. Anything extra is on a request basis and will always be accompanied with a letter asking your permission i.e. voluntary. 

Should you require any additional information regarding our fees structure, please email myself or one of the Principals. 

Yours sincerely, 

Mrs Fiona Lawrence
Financial Manager