Our Primary School’s nurturing and invested attitude towards the “whole child” is evident in our co-curricular programme. We believe involvement in extra-curricular activities is essential in the development of life skills and the establishment of a life-long healthy living programme.

Team sport develops a sense of camaraderie amongst students and a vibrant school spirit. The focus of our cultural programme is on having fun and stimulating imagination in safe and inclusive manners through art, drama and choir/music.

The growth and development of a child’s body, mind and spirit are vital, and we aim to bring out the natural talent inherent in each boy and girl.


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Athletics improves cardiovascular fitness, speed and endurance.

In the Primary School we participate in Athletics from Grade 1 – 7. Students are taught the basics of all track events. We take part in the Inter Catholic Leagues and Inter-House Competitions.


Basketball promotes cardiovascular health, burns calories and builds bone strength.

It is available to all Grade 4 – 7 students. Friendlies are arranged with other local schools.


Cricket develops endurance, stamina, balance and hand-eye co-ordination.

Mini Cricket (soft ball) matches take place at Meredale Primary School. U/9 Cricket is the first time players are exposed to hard ball. U/10 and U/11 players play in the Terhorst side, we have A and B teams as well as a Development Team. U/12 and U/13 boys play in the Commonwealth teams. We also participate in the Johannesburg South League and the South East Rand League.


Golf has physical health and psychological benefits eg. improved mood, reduced anxiety and increased confidence.

Golfers practise weekly at the Tin Cup Driving Range.


Hockey improves hand eye co-ordination and cardiovascular fitness.

Hockey is offered to Grade 4 – 7 girls twice a week. They are taught the basics of the game and introduced to match play.


Netball increases hand-eye co-ordination, builds up muscle strength and stamina. Netball also increases flexibility and nimbleness.

Morning Netball practices prepares our girls for the Netball season. Grade 1 and 2 Mini Netball girls take part in numerous festivals. U/9 to U/13 netball girls play in the D13 Netball League, festivals and the annual Inter-Catholic Tournament. Our affiliation to D13 league allows U/12 and U/13 girls to participate in trials.


Soccer increases aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health. Soccer lowers body fat and improves muscle tone while building strength, flexibility and endurance.

Grade 1 and 2 boys play Mini Soccer and compete in numerous festivals. U/9 and U/10 play 7-a-side side and field 5 sides in both of these age groups. U/11 and U/13 boys play 11-a-side football and field an A and B team in these age groups. Our girls and boys compete in the East Football League. Our affiliation to the Johannesburg Primary Schools Football Association allows older boys through to Gauteng Trials.

Our Girls Soccer compete against other independent schools.


Squash improves cardiovascular health, and increases strength, and fitness.

Squash takes places at the Southern Suburbs Squash Courts and is available to Grade 6 and 7 students.


Swimming builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Our swimmers take part in the Independent Schools League, as well as the annual Inter-Catholic and Inter-House Night Galas. Under the guidance of Perfect Stroke Swimming, an indoor Learn-to-Swim programme, for Grade 1 to 3, keeps students safe in and around the water.


Tennis increases aerobic capacities, lowers resting heart rate and blood pressure and increases bone density.


Tennis increases aerobic capacities, lowers resting heart rate and blood pressure and increases bone density.

Just Tennis teaches ball skills to our Pre-School students and provides team and individual coaching to all our tennis players. We enter the local Tennis League and the South East Rand Tennis League.


Touch Rugby provides cardiovascular fitness, endurance strength in upper and lower body, as well as, ball-handling and kicking skills.

Rugby is available to all Grade 4 – 7. Players are taught the basics of the game. Friendlies are arranged with other local schools.


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Alter Servers learn to better understand the Eucharist (the Mass).

Their role is to assist the priest before, during and after the mass. They learn to serve with humily.


Art Club nurtures expressive capabilities and artistic potential as well as feeding the soul. Students explore a range of topics and materials such as acrylic paint, oil pastels, wax resist, charcoal, papier-mâché and clay and various other mediums.


Chess develops basic chess, memory and planning skills.

Foundation Phase students starting from Grade 1 are introduced to chess in a fun way, using fewer chess pieces and building up to a full game. Juniors compete against each other; they also take part in Friendly Matches against other schools.

From Grade 4-7 intensive coaching assists with strategising, decision-making and concentration. Matches are played against local and ISASA schools in a league of approximately 16 schools.


Choir teaches students how to work together as a team while having fun.

Grade 3 to Grade 7 students lead the singing at assemblies, masses and represent the school at various festivals. This talented group of singers plays a crucial role at the First Holy Communion and at the annual Name Day Mass.


Coding instils skills such as creative problem-solving and ‘thinking out the box’.

Students create computer software, games, apps and websites.


Drumming provides a framework to learn new skills and develop existing skills like timekeeping and rhythm in a fun way.


Eisteddfod helps memory, learning and literacy development.

Grade 00 – 7 students participate in Poetry Items.


I.T. Club develops computer skills while having more time to play and collaborate.

Students research apps and programmes. Skills are reinforced and new ideas are explored.


Marimbas builds musical skills, resilience and motivation.

Our Marimbas players take part in the International Marimba and our school Open Days.


Music lessons produces patience and develops music appreciation.

Private music lessons are available. These include piano, violin, cello, flute, recorder, guitar and drums.


Public Speaking promotes critical thinking, personal development and improves communication skills.

Students take part in Public Speaking Competitions, both externally and internally.


School Productions promote confidence, character building and are so much fun.

Alternating between Foundation and Intersen Phase, Grades 1 to 7 girls and boys participate in the annual school plays. Children are all given the opportunity to dance, sing and perform.

“Caleb, in Grade 6, loves to be involved and play in the different sports on offer. His choice of sports has kept him busy, fit and given him great enjoyment. Through the guidance, support and advice received from experienced coaches and teachers, Caleb has developed a real passion for soccer.”

Mrs Patterson, parent

“My daughter, Alessia in Grade 6, really enjoys her sports. With the offering that Marist Brothers Linmeyer provides, she is spoilt for choice. All the sports have dedicated coaches and teachers, guiding and growing each budding sportsman and sportswoman. Children are encouraged to reach their full potential and to excel at their chosen sport.”

Mrs Luis, parent


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