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Discussing Developmental Milestones

A Panel Discussion By Professionals

Some children might reach certain milestones earlier or later than same-age peers. This doesn’t necessarily mean that one child is advanced or that another is delayed.

Our panel, which consists of special guest speaker Dr Ashley Jeevarathnum, a Paediatric Pulmonologist at Netcare Clinton Hospital, and Marist Brothers Linmeyer therapists, Adelle Schwark, Speech and Language Therapist and Marcelle Niehaus, Occupational Therapist will elaborate on child development being a process that unfolds over time.

Many schools only offer therapy on a need basis, our curriculum includes therapy in the classroom. By being part of our syllabus, therapists can monitor developmental milestones, detecting delays or problems, and start assessing where additional support may be required.

An Q & A session will address questions related to a child’s physical, social/emotional, communication, and cognitive skills.

1 in 4 Parents Worry that their Infant or Toddler is Behind in Developmental Milestones

As infants and toddlers grow, many parents may wonder if their children are walking, talking and socializing when they’re supposed to be. In fact, nearly a quarter of parents have suspected, over the last two years, that their child’s developmental milestones may be delayed.

“If you want to teach young people, first you must love them.

You must love them all equally.” – Founder St. Marcellin Champagnat

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