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Outreach is not unfamiliar in a Christian school. The main idea is to increase awareness of those less fortunate than ourselves and to come to the realisation that even a small donation, be it material, monetary, time or in kind, goes a long way in alleviating someone else’s hardships.

The Marist Brothers Linmeyer students support the Outreach project

Each grade across the Primary School selects an Outreach project for the year. In the Pre-school the support staff are often selected, while from Gr. 1 upwards various other charities are chosen. These include homes for abandoned babies, children, senior citizens and other groups who support the underprivileged in some way. Items requested are collected and sent to the group they have committed to. These are always followed by heart-felt thank you letters and sometimes even photographs.

Marist Brothers Linmeyer students are "bread buddies"

Students and parents alike generously donate to the Outreach project

Several other drives are also supported throughout the year like grocery and pet food donations, can pull-rings and sandwiches on a Friday for “bread buddies” at a local school where the children often don’t get lunch. An annual monetary donation is made to Hospice and other charities are supported by funds raised from the children for “Civvies” days.

Several other drives are also supported throughout the year