We believe academic subjects and extra-curricular activities complement each other and are essential to student wellbeing, education and spirituality.

Extra-curricular activities foster commitment, confidence and create a sense of belonging to the School community. Students are encouraged to participate in at least one extra-curricular activity per term.

Our School is blessed with excellent sporting facilities. Committed coaches are passionate and dedicated, committed to ensuring students achieve their personal best.

We have an on-site biokineticist who is available to assist sports students at no extra cost.

Marist Brothers Linmeyer is proud of students who have represented our School in National, Provincial and Regional teams.

“There is such a variety of extra murals in the High School from Music and Drama to Archery. So many different choices. It has enabled me to form such great relationships with friends from different grades and even teachers. I’ve built lasting friendships with peers and even opponents. It also allows me to remain active and reduce stress, it gives me a break to clear my mind from the pressures of School. There is no limitation to what extra murals you can choose from. I participate in Public Speaking, Drama, Netball, Music Group, Soccer, Marimbas, Co-workers and Eisteddfod.”

Angelina Correia, Grade 11


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Archery improves hand-eye coordination, patience and confidence. It is a focused form of exercise and a wonderful socialising opportunity.

Archers are offered incentives and rewards for skilled shooting.


Athletics develops cardiovascular fitness, upper and lower body strength, speed, stamina and power. We participate in the Independent Schools League (CEPSAL), Inter-Catholic and Inter-High in both Track and Field. We are also regular attendees of the annual invitational TUKS Top 10 Athletics meet.


Basketball promotes cardiovascular health. This sport burns calories, builds bone strength and boosts the immune system. Our Basketball players play in the Johannesburg Rainbow League.

Cactic Gym

The focus is on strength, functional, resistance and callisthenic training in order to improve strength by minimising injuries. Our athletes are provided with quality, advanced, modular equipment. A combination of the plus bars and stomach bracket adds depth to their workouts.

The Cactic Gym is open to all High School students.


Cricket develops endurance, stamina, balance and hand-eye coordination. Our focus is on both the long format and T20 format of the game. We play friendly games against various other independent schools.


Athletes receive a full-body workout and improved cardiovascular endurance and health. Students participate in the Southern District and District events.

There is an expectation that students compete in at least four events during the season.

Meets take place at Rietvlei Zoo Farm where the Junior Girls, Junior Boys and Senior Girls run 4km. The Senior Boys run 8km.


Riders develop better reflexes, a sense of balance and coordination. Equestrian is an independently run activity that is recognized by the School.


Benefits of playing Golf include physical health as well as psychological benefits e.g. improved mood, reduced anxiety and increased confidence. Golfers practise weekly at Meyersdal Driving Range. Our home course is Glenvista Country Club. Transport is provided by the School to and from both of these venues. The School also pays all green fees. Our Golf Team participates in local schools leagues.

High School Gym

The gym focuses on the strength and conditioning of our athletes using a combination of free weight and bodyweight exercises. Only students involved in the school sports programme may use the gym.

Girls and Boys Hockey

Hockey develops cardiovascular endurance as well as hand-eye coordination. Our teams play in the Johannesburg D11 league, the annual Inter-Catholic tournament as well as the seasonal action Hockey league.


Netball improves hand-eye coordination, builds up muscle strength and stamina and improves the body’s flexibility and nimbleness. We take part in the D13 Netball league, as well as the annual Inter-Catholic Tournament.


Health benefits of playing Rugby includes cardiovascular fitness, endurance strength in upper and lower body as well as ball-handling and kicking skills. Rugby players compete against private and government schools in the Golden Lions Second Division League, as well as various friendlies.

Girls and Boys Soccer

Soccer increases aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health. It lowers body fat and improves muscle tone while building strength, flexibility and endurance. Our Soccer players participate in the Independent School Soccer League.


A game of Squash can see you running, leaping and diving for the ball. Playing Squash improves cardiovascular health and increases strength and fitness. Our teams play in the Johannesburg Junior Squash League. On occasion, our Squash teams have been invited to attend the prestigious Gauteng League Squash Awards.


Swimming builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. Our swimmers take part in the Independent Schools League, as well as the annual Inter-Catholic and Inter-High Galas where they have performed exceptionally well.


Playing tennis increasing aerobic capacities, lowers resting heart rate and blood pressure and increases bone density. Tennis players enter the Inter-High and Inter-Catholic Tennis Tournaments and participate in the Annual Southern Gauteng Tennis League.


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Art Club

Students meet and mix with others on the same learning journey. They also learn from professional artists. Our students host an annual art exhibition for our local community.


This activity helps others create a sense of belonging and gives students a sense of purpose. Projects that we are involved in are: Helping at various old age facilities, working with communities in Addo, working with various children’s homes, etc.


Drama builds confidence, helps concentration and develops language and communication skills. Our Drama club is very involved in the following: Improv Club, the Talent Show, Film Club, House Plays, Major School Productions and the Recyclable Fashion Show.


Marimba playing helps to build musical skills, resilience and motivation. Our Marimba players take part in the annual Catholic Schools Cultural Festival.

Music Group

Students develop a strong sense of belonging, make friends with ‘like-minded’ people and develop self-esteem. The Music Group is involved in Masses, School assemblies and the annual Inter-Catholic Cultural Festival.

Public Speaking

Benefits of Public Speaking include critical thinking, personal development as well as improving communication skills.


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