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Code of Conduct | Sport

The following requirements are necessary to play in a sports team or when attending a practice at Marist Brothers Linmeyer:

  1. Correct uniform is to be worn at all times. Failure to wear the correct uniform to a practice or match will lead to non-selection.
  2. No pupils may leave a practice or match incompletely dressed.
  3. Failure to attend a practice or match without a legitimate written letter of excuse will lead to non-selection.
  4. Bad language and questioning of decisions will not be tolerated and culprits will suffer in the form of a suspension.
  5. When playing in an away match, pupils must change at break and wait for their coach outside the sports office.
  6. Please remember that at Marist Brothers we follow a policy of sportsmanship and not a win at all costs attitude. Respect everyone on and off the field.
  7. We welcome the support of parents at our games and enjoy your encouragement. We respectfully request that there is no interference with officials and their decisions.
  8. We expect exemplary behaviour on all bus trips. No walking around or horseplay will be tolerated. This will lead to suspension from all away games for several matches.
  9. All “A team” players must attend two practices a week to be considered for selection for matches.
  10. Behaviour during and after matches:
  • Good sportsmen exercise good self-discipline!
  • Players must be in full uniform.
  • When playing home games, 2 players will welcome the visiting teams at the gate and escort them to the fields.
  • The team must remain together at all times.
  • Players are to remain seated during the match (no running around, no sitting with parents etc), watching and supporting teammates.
  • All playing fields/courts/stands need to be left litter free.
  • At the end of the game, congratulate the opposing team for a good match and thank the referees. Congratulate your team-mates.
  • If the match is at home, ensure that the visitors get their refreshments first. Whether the match is at home or away, remember to thank the people who have catered.