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Marist Brothers Linmeyer Celebrates 50 Years of Marist Education in Linmeyer!


Marist Brothers Linmeyer is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

Founded in France by St. Marcellin Champagnat in 1817, the Marist Brothers’ Schools are internationally recognised as part of a vibrant, global education system. It was in 1864, that the Marist Brothers came to South Africa, later establishing the first boys’ school in the mining town of Johannesburg in Koch Street in 1889. This school was moved to its present site in Linmeyer, Johannesburg, in 1966.

50 years later, Marist Brothers Linmeyer is still committed to producing caring young people that become successful citizens of the world, and who lead significant lives in serving others.

Have a look at how we are celebrating this special milestone!

After more than a month of holidays, parents and children from Marist Brothers Linmeyer were more than eager to start school again. The atmosphere on the 13th January 2016 was filled with excitement, laughter and exhilaration as many families and friends reconnected with each other and shared news of their holidays. For some of our children this was the beginning of a new chapter and so while some were a little apprehensive in the beginning, after meeting their new teachers and class mates, they soon felt like part of the Marist family. This year is a very special year as Marist Brothers Linmeyer celebrates its golden jubilee. We would like to wish all our Marist families a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!


On Saturday 21 May 2016, in lieu of Marist Brothers Linmeyer celebrating 50 years of Education in Linmeyer, our Primary School hosted their Golden Jubilee U/13 Soccer and Netball Festival.

A day of comradery and sporting excellence was enjoyed by Glenanda Primary School, Robertsham Primary School, Highveld Primary School, Waterstone College, St Henrys Marist School and St Martins Preparatory School. Congratulations to our winners, Waterstone College for being the Netball Champions and Glenanda Primary for being the Soccer Champions.

On Saturday, 28 May 2016 Marist Brothers Linmeyer celebrated 50 years of Marist education in Linmeyer, by hosting a Derby Festival and inviting Waterstone College to take part. Matches in Hockey, Netball and Boys’ Soccer were played and the atmosphere was fantastic with parents, old boys and old girls, learners and staff supporting their teams.

The games were very close and extremely competitive. It was a truly amazing day filled with laughter and joy and great sportsmanship between two neighbouring schools. 50-field2
On Monday, 6th June 2016, Marist Brothers Linmeyer celebrated Champagnat Day and their Golden Jubilee Year. Each learner and staff member received a 50th badge and a branded bookmark in commemoration of our School celebrating 50 years of Marist education in Linmeyer. This special day ended with all the staff and students creating a ‘50’ on the school field. champagnat-mass-final-2
On Friday, 10th June 2016, Marist Brothers Linmeyer celebrated their annual Champagnat Day Mass. This day was an opportunity for our school community to come together and to celebrate the life and work of our Marist founder St Marcellin Champagnat who died in France on the 6th June 1840.

2016 is a very special year for Marist Brothers Linmeyer as the school celebrates 50 years of Marist education in Linmeyer. Our Golden Jubilee (50th year) Feast Day Mass was celebrated by Auxilliary Bishop Duncan Tsoke, who later blessed the newly created stained glass window in the High School and the Marcellin Jubilee Centre.

It was wonderful to share this really special day with our parents, grandparents, guardians and past pupils as well as staff and other guests.


Celebrating its Jubilee year, many things have changed since 1966 when Marist Brothers Linmeyer first opened its doors to the community of Johannesburg South.

The CHRONICLE chatted to the High and Primary School Principals, Gary Norton and Tish Pritchard, Carla Casasola, a former Senior Primary HOD and Principal Operations, Burton Saunders.

Although each has their own memories, they have one thing in common; positivity and a belief that sound Christian based education, produces adults who are able to cope with what life places in their paths.

Carla Casasola began as a Grade 7 teacher in 1981, the year girls were admitted to the College. The Principal Mr Brian Swanson and Brother Justin oversaw the whole school. When Mr Swanson left, Mr Stannard Silcock, who was living in the U.K, was appointed to the headship. There was no media centre, Pre – School or aftercare centre and only one class per grade. Mr Silcock secured finance from Anglo-American and more classrooms were built enabling the School to double-stream. Mr Silcock was instrumental in employing Mr Honeywill as deputy who became principal when Mr Silcock returned to the U. K.

Two pupils well remembered by Carla are Frank Keinhofer who went to the USA to study at M.I.T and Nonhlanhla Dlamini who became Marist Linmeyer’s first Rhodes Scholar and later read for a post graduate degree at Oxford. Carla still assists with relief teaching when necessary and is a daily visitor to fetch her 3 grandchildren who attend the school.

High School Principal Gary Norton started at Marist Linmeyer in 1998. “There have been many changes, including going from four terms a year to three, becoming a member of ISASA and we also experienced the change from GDE to IEB.

I enjoy dealing with teenagers and the interaction with parents. It’s important we remain current in our teaching methods, providing up to date education. In the future I’d like to see our school continuing to grow, remaining a spiritual school and a landmark, making a difference in our community. ”

Tish Pritchard started in 1988 as a teacher and HOD and in 1998 became the first Primary School principal. “Staff and parents work together collaboratively as education and guidance essentially come from both home and school, and more so now than before, parents are keenly involved. I think all our children, whatever their religion, gain from the values of our Catholic approach to religious education. We pride ourselves on our solid academic programme which is enhanced by our Remedial programme and Therapy Centre. My approach to education is based largely on our Founder Marcellin Champagnat’s philosophy, ‘If you want to educate children you must love them and love them all equally’.”

Burton Saunders joined Marist Brothers High School in 1999 as Deputy Principal. As Principal Operations he is responsible for project managing and co-ordinating across both schools in the areas of ITC, the school estate and sports, as well as overseeing the finance and PR department. “There has been a growing need for Christian faith based education and our school was one of the few schools in the area addressing this need. Extensions over the years have included several additional classrooms, an enlarged renovated chapel and extended aftercare facility. Our Media resource centre with computers, an auditorium and conference venues with audio visual facilities meets many of our educational needs. The school also boasts an outdoor pool as well as an indoor heated pool and gym, and Music Centre.”

A far cry from the original school, Marist Brothers Linmeyer is one of the leading educational facilities in the South, with an exceptional history.

“We have an excellent, constant staff body, a lovely balance between experienced older teachers and a new group of younger teachers, and the future looks very promising for our school,” they all agreed.

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