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Message from the MBLAA Chariman

Greetings and a warm welcome to all our Alumni!

We invite all young Alumni and past staff to become involved and voice their opinions. All Alumni who were at any Marist Brothers College for a minimum of two consecutive years, or who finished their primary education or education to the level of matric can be a member of MBLAA. Individuals who have or had a relationship with Marist Linmeyer are also accepted as eligible members of the association. Ultimately, the MBLAA is your association and we would love you to attend and help out with the many activities that we have planned for the coming year.

The objectives of the association are:

    • To foster lifelong continuation of camaraderie, bonds of friendship and Marist principles and promote the fraternity of the Alumni
    • To enable friendly communication with fellow Alumni and previous teachers at the School via Social Media and other electronic media;
    • To grant financial aid, whether by way of loan or donation to needy Members whose children are scholars at the School.
    • To foster the interests of the School by granting support and assistance (whether financial or otherwise) to it and to work closely with the Marist Brothers Linmeyer Foundation and the school;
    • To invest any funds or property of which it is in possession and to utilise such Funds or property for any purpose which may further the interests of the Association;
    • To raise funds for Alumni Projects such as Scholarships, Charity and support for Alumni undergoing personal or financial distress.
    • To establish and administer the Bursary Fund for the benefit of the Scholars of the School and of the Marist Brothers Colleges;
    • To propagate the Maristonian Movement in the Republic of South Africa by inter-alia affiliation and granting support to other Marist Alumni Associations;
    • To create a platform for professional and business benefit to provide mutually beneficial business or employment opportunities.
    • Mentor and assist current and recent past scholars with study and career matters.


Nondas Maratos (Class of 1973)

MBLAA Chairman