Sharing a Little Hope

Marist Brothers Linmeyer Alumni, Lyle Robson (2017 Head Boy) and Busisiwe Radebe (2017 Head Girl) founded Sharing a Little Hope to assist the young and old in Addo, Eastern Cape.

This project runs soup kitchens, food drives, blanket drives, Entrepreneurship and Mathematics programmes, to empower and assist the youth in Addo.

Sharing a Little Hope aims to develop an entrepreneurial mindset by providing the basic skills to run a business. They also run food drives to assist Sisters of Mercy with their soup kitchens on a weekly basis in an informal settlement known as Langbos. The community of Little Hope needs your help.

If you are able to assist by donating warm clothes, blankets and non-perishables, please contact Lyle Robson on


Marist Brothers Linmeyer has a new vegetable and medicinal-herb garden to create an awareness and appreciation for gardening management and permaculture with staff and students.

For our students, they will enjoy lessons on how to care for and witness the wonders of nature, appreciate the hard work that goes into farming and understand the value of organic natural vegetable gardens untainted by inorganic pesticides. Medicinal herbs growing in the garden will also aid students throughout the year for various ailments such as colds and flu or stress relief during exams.

This wonderful initiative will also increase the knowledge of our staff about vegetable gardening, the importance of pollination and producing organic food for healthy bodies and minds. A warm hearted thank you goes to one of our parents and Alumni, Angela Tomaz (Class of 2001) for giving of her time to build and plant our garden!